Jus Bleezy is the man your favorite rappers rap about.  He’s a Real estate Mogul, Motivational Speaker, Executive Producer and Father.  He was recently in Atlanta visiting his brother Future and stopped by Rick Ross’ palace while he was in Atlanta.  This is his first op-ed with 7th and Lotus.


It all started with the address. When I put the address to Rick Ross’s house into the navigation, I pulled up to the gate and it had the double Rs on it. I’m calling up to this mega mansion like, “Yo, I’m at the gate” and they’re like, “Push the blue buzzard.”  I’m like, “There is no blue buzzard.” After a short exchange, the staff redirected me to the correct gate on the other side of my homeboy’s enormous estate.

The driveway—which had to be a couple miles long—gave me views of the acres of land, the farm, and all this good shit. When I pulled up to the ‘White House’—I call it that because it’s kind of set up to be a baby White House. Each room is set up to be so classic that even Obama or Trump could move in and wouldn’t change  a thing.


They took me into the theater room. This huge room can only be described as Wehrenberg or AMC because it was so big. I think he was throwing a party, and no one told him I was coming so I surprised him. We showed love, and then I went outside to the bar. This is where I saw Mike Epps. We chopped it up about his career and his love for St. Louis niggas.


After that, I met his amazing assistant, Dani a St. Louis native whose work ethic kept my nigga on at the top of his game. Then, Ross and I went into this huge ass room with DJ equipment, Bel-air cases, and a long ass table. We looked at pictures, rapped about the past, and talked about the house.  This was his dream house.  He shared the story of how he drove past this house, and even bought a house around the corner to further motivate him.  One day the house was for sale. After receiving a sign, he purchased the 54,000 square-foot mansion that sits on 235 acres of land—the largest single-family home in the state of Georgia.


The next day, I went back and got buzzed in and no one shows me shit. I walked in the front door and—boom—I’m lost. I’m thinking I’m going where I went yesterday, I’m talking on the phone and I go down these stairs and come out the door and it’s a garage full of luxury whips—but this is only one of the many garages that kept the cars of the compound.  Then I stumble upon this gate, and I see it’s the pool area. When I walked up the steps, it was so breathtaking. The whole time I’m walking around the crib, I’m thinking, “Man, I’m straight lost.” But I wasn’t just lost; I was lost inside my homeboy’s crib.  Now I’ve been lost in department stores, I’ve been lost inside of big corporate buildings, I’ve even been lost in houses before, but never my homeboy’s crib and never this big.



What I want to come back and download to my city is motivation. I want to tell my street niggas who out there with that bag: Listen, you’ve got that bag, you’re getting money, but what else.  What does your future really like tomorrow.  What is your long-term plan to elevate yourself out of your situation and really succeed.  I want to tell you for real, stop buying these chicks red bottoms, stop buying all those bullshit ass bottles at the club, and stop buying that fake jewelry and make you some investments that can be more of an asset.


My example would be real estate. You can buy a building for $5k, you can put $20 or $30k into it, and you can sell it for $70-$80k. You made a $50k profit.  These niggas got that type of money invested in hoes. I don’t have anything against you hoes. I want y’all to get y’all money too. I got some motivation for y’all, but this right here is for my niggas with that bag because my experience in the ‘White House’ was directly to my niggas.


Niggas gotta start taking advantage of opportunities. I’m never gonna say the dope game ain’t gone be there forever. I’m not even gonna say the myth of it is, “Oh, the dope game has an expiration date—either you’re gonna be dead or locked up.” I’m not the only nigga for real.  I know successful niggas in the dope game who sold dope for decades and retired doing that shit. I was one of ‘em. Then I made one stupid ass move inside my retirement that cost me my freedom because I didn’t know what else to do—and I had property then.  I’d just sold a property and had a $90k check when I got outta prison. I paid $40 for the property, put 15 into it. That was just the first check that I looked at.  I had sold buildings before, but I was so deep in my criminal activities, I wasn’t trippin’ off that type of shit.


I want niggas to be aware that this money is here and the shit does feel good, but at some point, you gotta think, five to ten years from now.  Believe it or not, there are investments niggas can make right now that will profit more than drugs with zero risks.  You don’t ever have to worry about whether or not you’re coming home to your girl, or your kids, or your mama.  The killin’ part of being dead is, you don’t feel it my nigga.  You’re a soldier, that’s what you do. But your child, your mother, your sister, your brother, your best friend—they’re gone be so lonely without you and miss the fuck outta you. You don’t consider that when you’re getting locked up, all you’re concerned about is getting this money and sharing this money with the family. You got red bottoms, your son got red bottoms, and your chick got red bottoms, you’re paying notes on them whips—listen to me my nigga, you can’t take none of that shit with you, and your kid ain’t gaining no knowledge from none of that shit. Your chick will be more appreciative if you say, “Baby let’s go buy a building, and I’m gonna show you how we can profit as a family,” ‘cause you’re the only one who can sell the dope.  When you do real estate, y’all can do that shit together and come out on top. I’m a testimony of the shit. It’s time to let my niggas know what to do with the money.


I’m gonna tell you how to make your money because I’m not the one giving you a bag, but I’m gonna give you something to protect the bag. Think about it, if you got $10-15k a month coming in every month off real estate, that’s living way more comfortable. You’re still making 100s of thousands, just doing it a different way.  Most of them don’t know how to do it, and I want to teach them.


I just wanna motivate people on all levels no matter where they come from and I want to show the guys from the streets that they can get out and do better.