I was recently introduced to Olive Leaf extract by Wholistic Welness Specialist,  Kumani McAfee and it has really been an asset to my health.  I needed a more plant based diet and a pure product that I could detox with  and clear toxins in my body.  I had been going to a dermatologist for my skin hidrosis issue for years  and through the years I had been prescribed topical  clindamycin. Clindamycin is helpful for the skin but like most drugs it bandages the wounds as opposed to ridding the body of the ailments causing the skin issues.  In addition I found out that the long-term effects of clindamycin destroys the liver.  I needed something natural.  Like with most ailments a plant based diet is effective in healing the body. This is something Dr. Sebi and Dr.Clarke discovered years ago.  A friend of mine told me to try chlorophyll (which I got from Whole Foods. Cholorphyll definitely  improved my skin issues.  He also had a bottle of Olive leaf extract and I read the benefits, tried it and was intrigued.  A few months later at an Expo, I met Kumani who let me sample olive leaf extract again.  I drank a sample and decided to buy a bottle.  I honestly saw improvements both internally and physically within a week.  Olive leaf extract is created by Herbal Results and is pure.  If you want to improve your health with a plant based diet that destroys toxins check out Olive Leaf.  Ill tell you guys all bout this in detail later but for now check out Julian Everson’s piece about the Unexpected Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

By Julian Everson

Unexpected Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

Scientists have isolated the unique molecule that provides olive oil with its multitude of health and life-extending benefits. Known as oleuropein, it is the polyphenol that can help lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure, prevent cancer, protect against oxidative damage, and help guard against cognitive decline.1,2 Oleuropein provides the distinctive tangy, pungent, almost bitter flavor found in high quality extra virgin olive oils.2 It’s also responsible for most of olive oil’s antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and disease-fighting characteristics.2-4 In fact, when oleuropein was given to animals with tumors, the tumors completely regressed and disappeared in 9 to 12 days!5

The olive tree (Olea europaea) produces oleuropein abundantly in its leaves as well as in the olive fruit itself, and special processing techniques now allow for the extraction of a stable, standardized form of oleuropein. That means that consumers can have access to one of the most beneficial components of olive oil without the necessity of consuming excessive amounts of olive oil.

Olive leaf extracts and their oleuropein constituents are best known for their blood pressure-lowering effects, but the latest studies reveal their health benefits extend well beyond that. Additional anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties offer promise in fighting atherosclerosis, diabetes, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and even arthritis.

It has also been noted that the antiviral and antibacterial activity exhibited by olive leaf extract ranks high as one of the world’s most potent cures for HIV, herpes, influenza and the common cold.6-8 Further studies identify olive leaf extract’s valuable anti-fungal component as being powerful in the fight against Candida Albicans, a form of yeast that often shows up in the mouth, on the skin, and in the vagina and digestive tract.9,10

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If you’re thinking to yourself, “where is this products?” and “how can I get it?”, check out Kumani’s Wholistic Wellness site www.wholisticconnections.net.