Chicago’s hip hop star, Pohhla switches up his street vibe to  celebrate Valentines day early by writing an open  love letter to all of you ladies. Check it out.

Dear Ladies
Don’t let anyone tell you Valentine’s Day is only on Feb 14th.  Valentine’s Day is everyday that your other half is there to support you and have a shoulder for you to lean on. Sure, its a love holiday but shouldn’t love be shown 365 days of the year? Don’t complicate love and try too hard to define what its supposed to feel like and look like.  You are love. Love is a friendship and mutual everlasting bond between people. Know that and know your worth. What I love most about you women is your overall touch on life.  I like that most of you are gentle, caring and strong in certain ways men aren’t. You got to love the balance of life.  For that I celebrate you women. I’ve had so many examples of beautiful black women in my life and for that I’m grateful.  My mother and sisters are respectable women whom I love. I watch them go through a lot and help me understand why women may do certain things it’s usually because of something we may have done lol but I raised by all women and what I watch them endure helps be better know what I want out of a woman and how to treat a woman.


Beautiful is every woman walking gods green earth even the ugly ones lol and im  meaning ugly inside.  You know the ones who make life harder for other women and men, the ones who are driven by the wrong things in life…. but  deep down there still beautiful in there own way.  I think we all become products of what has been done to us. Speaking of beauty,I want you ladies to know that beauty come in many shapes, shades and sizes so there’s no need to change to fit any ones expectations.  Please love yourself and a real man will too.   We know what you go through it and it doesn’t go unnoticed.  Thats why i have My Letters just for you. I do a lot of street type music but I never want you to feel ignored. It’s important for me to show love in my music because most artists don’t. Oh yeah and Don’t believe that you have to always look like you’re on a photo shoot and forever be the baddest looking female in the room for them to love you.  That’s not love.  Love isn’t fleeing once you’re tempted by desire.  Love is unconditional and to end this I can only quote the greatest to ever express love, no not Shakespeare, Tupac!, Ladies you are appreciated don’t let the holiday define love.
love, Pohhla


Pohhla’s my letters is now available on my mixtapes.  Keep up with Pohhla on IG and  Twitter