Like an Emperor  returning to retrieve his rightful crown,  Future seized absolute control of hip hop last year.  Future  returned to the essence of his artistry both professionally and personally in 2015. With beats from STL’s Metro Boomin, Future owned 2015 with DS2 and What a time to be Alive. Continuing this path, the ATL prince returns to the core of what helped bloom his career; the gritty streets of St. Louis where he shaped aspects of his artistry;-sparking life into the dreams of other MC’s  trying to escape this real life mixture of Gotham & Nino Brown’s New Jack City  Out of St. Louis’ beautiful darkness & careless wreckage, a new sound & MC has arrived, Fortune.  In partnership with  Guccio’s Quit Playing Ent, Freebandz presents Fortune’s “The Day You Look Back…”


The title requires no explanation. When you’re on top, they say don’t look back,  just keep on going, but for a real one like Future this could never be an option.


Fortune’s single “Coolin and Boolin” is now available on I-tunes.  Fortune will be on tour with Future on the upcoming “Purple Reign” tour.  Follow Fortune @Fortunestl &  Future @1future on IG. -Abesi