Running-WinterWe all know that out of any time of the year, the holidays are when we really luxuriate in food, meals, drinks and oh those to-die for desserts (and lets not forget those specialty  made cakes  and Patti Pies will be stocked up by Christmas). With all this immersion in holiday food going on you might be wondering if it is possible to enjoy the holidays and stay fit.  The answer is yes, yes, yes!!! Since everyone is asking and wondering how it can be done we had our resident celebrity trainer, B Nichols stop by 7th & Lotus and give us holiday tips to stay in shape!

  1. Timing is everything.  So you want to pick and choose when you eat. In the morning 30 minutes after waking up you should have something in your stomach.  B recommends a green smoothie (spinach apples, mix fruit, kale, flax seed etc) After breakfast in the morning you should do workout. Strength and resistance (if you’re at home do mountain climbers, high knees, burpees.  If you can get in  the gym get your cardio in ( ex. running, sprints, jump rope, swimming, light weights and high repetition of all of that)  Get your protein shake in after.  Lunch we want to keep it simple.  Definitely have green vegetables  and perhaps for non vegetarians Bake, broiled or grilled fish or chicken and for some of you potato enthusiasts lunch is a great time to get in your baked or mashed potatoes.  You should try to never have dinner after 8.  Ideally between 6 and 7:30 is the perfect dinner. Lots of veggies, some protein based food and lots of water.  If you want to indulge in some holiday food, eat early so you can burn it off or immediately after your workout. If you’re going to be eating more you need to do a lot of cardio to burn off those calories.– Follow B. Nichols on instagram @bnicholsatl