Our resident Celebrity personal trainer and fitness expert, B. Nichols stopped by 7th and Lotus to give us an Abs workout and taught us how to get and maintain the perfect Abs.


First and foremost everything still begins with our diet and what we are eating. So we have to still follow the meal plans from last time. To keep it tight and keep it right, start with crunches. Crunches are your best friend.  You can do crunches at home while watching TV so there’s no excuse to not get it in.  Now our friend, New York Giants Dwayne Harris says he does all his workouts at a 100 count meaning 100 crunches, 100 sit-ups, 100 jumping jacks etc but because not everyone is a star athlete in awesome shape, B wants to start off by keeping it simple for you.  B says do 3 sets of every exercise  for 30 seconds and this is also great for getting your perfect abs.


3 sets of mountain climbers for 30 seconds each

3 sets of high knees.  Stand in one place and get them up high!

Do core jumps for five minutes.  Start by being on all four on the floor (like a push up position) and get up and jump up and get back on all fours and repeat this for 5 minutes.

Do Ab twist with a weight ball from side to side.  This is perfect for your abs.



If you need help and one on one training you can get in contact with B.  Connect with him on instagram.  @bnicholsatl

Here are some additional tips from Men’s Health below.

The inverted crunch

Instead of lifting your upper body, lift your lower body. This is a really small movement with all the emphasis on your lower abs – often a forgotten area.

Abs and obliques

As you come up, twist your upper body so your right elbow points to your left knee and vice versa. You don’t want your elbow to touch the knee, just point to it.

Ab straps

This is the best overall ab exercise. Hang down, and lift your knees up to your chest and down again in a controlled motion. To make it harder, use a straight leg raise. Keep it slow.

The total crunch

Instead of lifting just your upper or lower body, lift them both simultaneously. Try to touch your knees and elbows, to work both your upper and lower abs at the same time.

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