Smart is the new sexy and being intelligent is cool again. For a while there,we were afraid the “dumb shallow girl” role had become new normal. We noticed girls and young women embracing this and dumbing themselves down to be attractive.  Sure, the Marilyn Monroe thing exudes sensuality but believe me, Marilyn Monroe played the role that men loved but in reality Norma Jean Baker was a smart cookie that made calculated decisions and seized opportunities to enhance herself into becoming a lucrative brand- even negotiating a salary that was unprecedented for women in Hollywood at her time. So, guess what, when its all said and done its cool to be intelligent, cultural, conscious and have a humanitarian spirit. Just ask, human right attorney, Amal Clooney.  That very  handsome leading man that she calls her husband is only one aspect of who she is. Her work, intelligence and heart shows us that being smart is definitely the new black and will always be in style.