police2At least sixty people have been reported dead in a horrific terror attack in Paris.  The situation is still unfolding as Paris becomes another target of terror. Reportedly there are about 100 people being held hostage in the Bataclan theatre after a performance by American rock band, Eagles of Death Metal.  They are also unconfirmed reports of suicide bombing outside of  the football (soccer) stadium that was captured on television.  The explosion is heard as the players pass the ball.  As we write, BFMTV is reporting that people are being slaughtered inside as hostages wait for the police or military to intervene. In the past few days suicide bombs were launched in Beirut and Baghdad.

Currently they are six to eight people holding one hundered people as hostages. Julien Pearce, Reporter and eyewitness escaped the theater through an exit.  He saw around twenty injured and dead bodies on the floor as he escaped.  He was able to grab a small teenager and help her flee with him. Pearce was able to run and catch a taxi which he ordered to the hospital for the young teenager.   “It was a bloodbath.   I have some friends still inside. I saw the face of one of the terrorist. He was very young and they were not masked.  I heard just the yelling and screaming of people.  They shot rounds for more then 15 minutes,” said Pearce.

-Abesi Manyando