Out of respect for true history and the sad massacre that wiped out an entire population of Native Americans, we  did not do a “thanksgiving” or black holiday post.  The irony of creating a day of thanks for all you have only to rush to the malls for all you think you need and more is interesting.  Nevertheless we hope the holidays will be a time of happiness, togetherness and self reflection. We love the positive spirit of the holidays but what if we lived like that all year around? yogaThe break does allow us to spend time with our families and friends.  Time is the most important thing you can have and the most expensive to lose, because once time passes you can’t take it back. Through the season we will share a few of our favorite things, lessons, tips, books, advice, thoughts and more.  Hopefully these things will be something you can add to your life for the better. If you have a few favorite things please feel free to share.  Enjoy your Saturday.  Take time out to be still, present, breathe and meditate.  Whatever keeps you centered and makes your soul happy, do that.

love your friends at -7th & Lotus