Gwen-Stefani-LMB-Returns-Fashion-Week-VideoDear Nanny, How could you?  You had one job to do but you couldn’t just do that could you?  Of all the people to hurt, did it really have to be our favorite pop singer who repeatedly said all she wanted was “a simple kind of life, to be somebody’s wife.”  For god sakes she already endured a heartbreak with her first love and band-member. I guess you weren’t around to enjoy everything that was “don’t speak?”  Although this may seem like you’re being singled out and Mr. Rossdale  is not to blame, don’t worry that post is coming and has on other sites Nanny, do you realize how difficult you have now made it for all the young white women lining up to fill nanny positions in Beverly Hills, the Upper Eastside and Buckhead? As if the Ben Affleck fiasco wasn’t enough and the “no hot nannies” rule didn’t make things more difficult, here you come along.  I have more to say Nanny but frankly i’m tired. I feel sad for Gwen and her children and her Harajuku styled pets. That is all for now.  The only good thing that is going to come out of this is a great album filled with songs that we will play over and over again & we’re all looking forward to Gwen’s partnership with petco for our furry loved ones.  So Gwen is going to be just fine.

sincerely,  Miss X