FrescoKaneIf you don’t know the name Fresco Kane, don’t worry you will soon enough. Just be patient.  Fresco’s story began a  few years ago, when the producer turned artist was signed by Epic Records. It sounds like a dream come true, considering 70% of the people in your hometown are still trying to make it as rappers right?  Well, the former Epic Records signee had created an enormous buzz in the Midwest before getting signed.  At the time, Fresco went by Gena and his song, “Dip in the Club” produced by Star producer, Tarboy of the Trackboyz had dominated the airwaves for an entire year. Tarboy has always had the magic touch and somehow he’s always able  to take a hip hop song and transform it into becoming a pop crossover success (check his resume).  So, with an addictive sound,a crossover appeal and producing talent of his own, powered by star producers, it was a given that Fresco Kane would be next in line to fill the  St.Louis/East St.Louis void in hip hop. With Jermaine Dupri and L.A Reid on board everyone was certain he would amass to the mega success attained by his fellow STL comrade, Nelly but something happened on the way to hip hop royalty.  A few things were lost in the rap fire but all things happen as they should making chapter 2 of Fresco’s story that much more interesting. They say “you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become become a villain.” This is when darkness becomes your ally but even the dark knight rises when they use those things to turn their situation around. Feeling ostracized like an immigrant in foreign territory is exactly what Fresco needed to become greater.   “I went to being close to the top, to losing it all and seeing the people around me do disappearing acts better then any magician,” begins Fresco. The story gets deep but its not time for me to share that right now.  Fresco’s upcoming mix-tape will speak for itself. For now the stars shine down on the once and future Midwest prince who is back to take his crown. He’s learned a lot in three years.  He has a new single featuring Jazze Pha with an appearance from Jermaine Dupri but this is only the beginning.  Despite what you have seen and heard.  It is just now that Fresco Begins. You better keep up with him to see how the story unfolds. To be continued… by Abesi Manyando