In the wake of the Paris attacks by extremists, I revisited  the story of a Nigerian woman who shared her  painful memories of the horror she and many children endured at the hands of terror group, Boko Haram.

Bring back our girls was a popular hashtag and that in itsef is the tragedy of the situation.  Things happen and everyone on social media joins the trend but what happends when the trend disappear because the violence doesn’t.  Do we care/  i mean do we really care about what these extremists are doing around the world? The extremists who target innocent people, like the residents in Paris who were simply enjoying their Friday night are spread out all over the world. Beirut, Kenya, and Nigeria are just a few countries that have been harshly impacted by extreme fundamentalists without a disregard of life. Earlier this year a few of the young girls and women that were under Boko Haram terror were released but the struggle continues. I hope the world continues to keep their eyes on Nigeria and assist the innocent people who have to endure the horrors imposed by extremists. The situation happening around the world should not just be a hashtag trend.  I understand when the media disappears so does the intrest of many but please don’t forget about the injustice and crisis going on because we are all affected in the end. This was an article I wrote earlier this year for the Source.
300 women and children have been freed from captivity and the horrific assaults and rapes imposed on them by vicious Islamist terrorist group, Boko Haram who target women and children. Some of those victims are now speaking out.
Boko Haram has been targeting schools since 2010. One of their attacks last year ignited a firestorm of media attention and outcry when the terrorists entered a well to do private boarding school in Chibok Borno state Nigeria and kidnapped 300 girls. Activists launched “The Bring Back our Girls” campaign but as soon as the media frenzy died so did the focus to rescue many women and children who are still being kidnapped and raped everyday by Boko Haram.
Recently almost 300 women and children have been brought to safety but a number of them died in the crossfire between the military and terrorists. Overall 700 victims have been freed. Former hostages who survived are now revealing the atrocities they endured under Boko Haram. Their somber stories somehow mirror those of holocaust survivors. Although many always say they cannot believe the Holocaust was allowed to happen, history is repeating itself while the world ignores the genocide Boko Haram is currently committing.
Lami Musa who survived told her story to BBC. She says that the husband and sons of the women captured were shot on sight by Boko Harem and taken into the Sambisa forest. Many of the women were sold into marriage, some were stoned to death and others were repeatedly raped. They were fed ground maize once a day and the children were purposely malnutritioned as well. Some women watched as others were killed day by day and sold into marriage. Musa, 27, says she avoided being sold off into marriage after Boko Harem terrorist discovered she was pregnant.
“When they realised I was pregnant, they said I was impregnated by an infidel [her husband] and they killed him,” she said. The militants told her that “once you deliver in a week’s time we will marry you to our commander”.
“I delivered at night and we were rescued by the soldiers the following morning,” Ms Musa revealed.
Abesi Manyando – @abesipr