African head wraps have always been a constant in our fashion, culture and tradition.  At traditional weddings, ceremonies, and  gatherings we were always asked/encouraged to cover our hair out of respect.  Of course in ancient times Queens wore the most magnificent of wraps. There has always been something beautiful, bold, freeing and empowering about head wraps not to mention the perks of less hair maintenance at times. Now more then ever, African prints and traditional wear are becoming infused into mainstream fashion. From runways, to magazine spreads and all the gorgeous African-inspired femmes at Afro-punk the wrap life is as it always has been an alluring accessory. For those who want to wear a head wrap and may not know how to tie it or what style works for you maybe I’ll have my sister, Liywalli post a tutorial.  Until then, check out the Wraplife at www.thewraplife.com and www.naturallycurly.com for tips on how to wrap.